Friday, January 19, 2018

We Have Great Chemistry {Creating a Valentine with the Journey Gel Press}

HELLLO Friends! Happy New Year! What the heck, and how is it already the middle of January?! Seriously, it's freaking me out the way the days are just flying by. Last week I spent an amazing few days at Fun Stampers Journey Leadership By Design convention. It was inspiring and refreshing, even though I was there to work and help make the convention happen! I came home ready to crafty rock and roll, and first up is this dandy little Valentine, perfect for a sweet geeky pal, or loved one!

So let's get rolling and I'll walk you through the steps. I started off with an FSJ Create-a-Palette ink pad. These ink pads are super fun because you can load them up with 5 different ink colors of your choice. Go for an ombre, or rainbow effect - whatever floats your boat! You can see the pad that I created in the photo below. I used 5 shades of reds and pinks together to create a Valentine-y look. 
Let's start with the beaker first. (it's a beaker, right? Don't ask me how I did in science classes.) 
  • Ink up the Journey Gel Press using Create-a-Palette ink pad, and splatter with Sparkle Silk. 
  • Pull print on Whip Cream cardstock. 
  • Stamp beaker from Perfect Atoms stamp set, in black ink, and die cut or detail cut image. 

To create the background panel:
  • Emboss a card-sized panel of cardstock with the I Heart Embossing Folder.
  • Ink the Gel Press again, using the same Create-a-Palette pad. 
  • Very gently press the embossed cardstock onto the Gel Press, and remove. (This picks up the ink from the raised hearts, but leaves behind most of the background. Cool huh? And the embossed piece will make a pretty cool piece for another project, or it can be used again and again for the same process.) 
Pull a print on another panel of Whip Cream cardstock. You'll be left with what you see below, a colorful background with mostly white hearts. 
The rest of the card is pretty self-explanatory. Layer up a bunch of goodness, tag, sentiments, twine, sequins...all the good stuff! 

Using the Gel Press is always such a PROCESS - you never exactly know what you'll turn out with, and sometimes it's hard to duplicate the steps, or HECK, even remember the steps! But I paid close attention to this one, just for you! I'd love to see what you create, if this process inspired you! Leave me a link in the comments, because I'd love to stop by and visit your blog or online gallery. And if you have a question, leave me that too!

Supplies used on this project:
Journey Gel Press
I Heart Embossing Folder
Perfect Atoms Stamp Set
Create-a-Palette Ink Pad
Silk (Bubble Gum, Whip Cream, Sparkle)
Re-Inkers (Raspberry Berry, Sweet Berry, Watermelon Fusion, Candy Apple, Cranberry Bliss)
Love Filled adhesive hearts
Tag Clips
Journey Thread Bubble Gum

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Top 5 of 2017

Hello friends!!! I hope you had a most fabulous Christmas! I love this time of year, between Christmas and New Years, to look back and reflect on the passing year, as well as gear up and refocus for the coming year! I'm excited to see what 2018 will hold in store - but for today, would you like to take a look back with me? Today I have 5 of my most popular blog posts to share with you - a little crafty trip down memory lane. Check them all out with me, and let me know which one was YOUR favorite!

Alright, here we go! Click on the blog post title to visit that post. In no particular order....

I loved sharing these tips, because I LOVE mass-producing cards. I seem to always have a stack of paper strips and die cut shapes just waiting to get attached to a card base. During Hurricane Irma, I created about 70 cards, sitting in front of The Weather Channel! Those cards went to good use as Christmas gifts this year!

This was such a fun swap! Half of the FSJ designers made a print on the Gel Press, and then sent half the print to a partner and we each created a project with the print! So much fun to see how each person used their print! 

Oh my goodness, this was some slightly messy FUN. I kept this project on display in my craft area, because I loved the way it turned out! 

A little photography tutorial on this post, plus a funky card. This was the month that FSJ's Bloom Box was the Pop Art stamp set - so much fun! I love that stamp set! And I offered up some suggestions specifically for papercrafters who are photographing their work, especially for beginners. No fancy photography techniques here - just simple ways that you can step up your game to let your projects shine a little brighter! 

This was an exciting time of year because I was able to share FSJ's new Mystic Romance collection, plus some techniques using our Liquid Colors. It's exciting to help create the new catalogs, and it feels like FOREVER before we can finally share the new goodies with you, after we've been using them for months! 

So there you have it! Top 5 of 2017! Had you missed any of these projects? Which one was your favorite? What are you hoping to see in 2018? Share your thoughts in the comments, and let's keep crafting together in 2018! HAPPY NEW YEAR! xoxo

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

POP clink CHEERS {FSJ New Years card}

Hello friends!!!! Christmas is coming...but New Years Eve is too! For today's project, I used the Cheers and Fizz Steel Rule Dies, as well as the Countdown Stamp Set. I went for a bright and bold black & white look, with a big pop of SILVER! 

I've never hosted a New Years Eve party - but wouldn't these be so much fun to decorate with!? The words are small enough for a card, but big enough that they would be awesome on decorations and party favors for a big or small shindig! 

Today is a great day to score some deals on these fun dies, at Fun Stampers Journey.
Purchase either the Cheers or Fizz Steel Rule Dies today, and get the Countdown Stamp Set for free!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! CHEERS!!! xoxo

Looking for more inspiration? 

like this adorable scrapbooking layout!!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Scrapbooking: Christmas Morning Pocket Pages {Fun Stampers Journey}

Happy Monday! I did a little Christmas scrapbooking to share with you today, using my 6x8 album. I mixed and matched the pocket pages, and I had fun playing around with the different sizes and options. FSJ's pocket pages have so many creative options - you can do something super simple, or fabulously complex, whatever your style may be!
For this spread, the page on the left may look like it's all one page, but from the red border in, that's actually one of the cute 4x6 Layer Pocket Pages, with a 6x8 page peeking out behind it (with the pine tree printed paper) I loved the idea of adding in one mini page with a photo all on its own. The 6x8 pages come in all sorts of assortments - the right hand page (from Memory Pocket Pages) contains a 4x6 pocket at the bottom, with two 4x3 pockets on top. 
I loved adding a few little jingle bells to this page. I threaded them onto a piece of twine, tied a knot, and then tied it onto the end of the Merry Xmas clip. Super festive and fun! I might just fill this whole book up with Christmas pictures and pull it out with our holiday decor each year! (Oooh, and the album will definitely need a big red bow around the cover, don't you think???!!!)
FSJ's 6x8 albums and pages are made by Webster's Pages, and they are absolutely gorgeous, and great quality! You can find all them all on the FSJ website, and as part of the 12 Days of Deals,  for today ONLY, they are all 30% off! WHAAAT!??? Check it out and score some deals!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Looking for more memory-keeping inspiration with FSJ's 6x8 pocket pages? Check these out:
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And don't forget to keep up with all the 12 Days of Deals! There are still a few more deals to grab this week! Find the full scoop at the FSJ Blog. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Winter Watercolor Trees {Watercolor Pencils Technique}

Hello friends! I have a clean and simple Christmas card for you today. I had some fun with my Color Splash watercolor pencils to create this. 

First I created a little puddle of water on a palette and scribbled into it with a purple watercolor pencil. I used this as a very watery "ink pad" and stamped right into it. After gently tapping the Fresh Forest trees into the purple color, I stamped them onto white cardstock. (I stamped the "farther back" tree first, and then added a little extra purple to make it darker, before stamping the "closer up" tree.) Then I created another puddle of watercolor, this time in a bright icy blue color, and I simply tapped each tree in the blue watercolor and stamped right on top of my first two trees. I love the cold icy effect it has.
After adding a sentiment, I used a paint brush and flicked a little remaining watercolor across the card, as well as added some glitter and Sparkle Silk to my trees.
As day 2 of FSJ's 12 Days of Deals, our Color Splash and Color Burst pencils are 20% off for today only! I have told you guys before...I am really a pencil snob. I like REALLY GOOD colored pencils and watercolor pencils, and I am telling you the honest truth, these are the best pencils I've ever used! 

Get the scoop on all of the 12 Days of Deals right here.

 Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope your weekend is fabulous and festive as the days fly by towards Christmas! xoxo

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Santa's Chubby Stocking Pocket

Happy Ho Ho Ho to you, my Christmas-crafting friends! Do you have glitter stuck to you EVERY day lately? Are you running out to JoAnn or Michael's on a weekly basis, for "just one or two things"? Is there time for just another project or two - or ten? 
Why yes, indeed there is PLENTY of time. 
Tis the season my friends...tis the SEASON. 

Tis the season for cutie pie gift card holders...or treat holders...or both...this sweet Chubby Stocking Die from Fun Stampers Journey is so fun to play with. I die cut and embossed two stockings, and then I stitched them together with Whip Cream Thread to make a fun pocket.

To embellish this little stocking, I sponged some Whip Cream ink over the embossed snowflakes to really make them pop. Then I added Santa, a little sentiment, plus some embellishments. And remember those paper curls I made a few weeks ago? Today I made some with printed paper, and tucked them in the stocking for some EXTRA pizazz! (A little glue dot at the end of each one will keep them in place!) 

Plus, to make this little guy even sweeter, the Chubby Stocking Die is 50% off TODAY, to kick of the first day of Fun Stampers Journey's 12 Days of Deals promotion. (Check out this blog post too!) Seriously - 50% off, which makes this thin metal die set only $9.97! (Wow, I sound like a car salesman! But seriously - this is a fantastic deal.) Each day during the 12 Days of Deals promo, there will be a different awesome sale - but each will only last for ONE day, so don't snooze or you'll miss it!  

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I'm grateful for you! Check out another idea using the Chubby Stocking Die in the FSJ Gallery, and be sure to pin both projects for inspiration! xoxo

Friday, November 24, 2017

FSJ Concept Designers Gel Press Print Swap! {Be You Card}

Hello friends! Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving! The FSJ Concept Designers have been having a little fun together (well, a LOT of fun) and today we want to show you what we've been working on! We had ourselves a little print swap. The six of us divided up into pairs. Three of the designers created an 8.5x11" print on the Journey Gel Press. Then they cut their print in half and sent half to their partner. Each partner created a card using that print, and today we're going to share what we're created! It was a really fun swap and I can't wait to see all three of the prints, and how each designer used their print on a project!

My partner for the swap is Patricia. Patricia created this really cool print using blues and greens, with a pop of bold black cameras, and a little bit of gold. It is absolutely gorgeous! She mailed half of the print to me, and this is what I created with it! 
I diecut a circle from a card-sized portion of the print, and I ran with the camera theme, and added some extra camera images. (I stamped the Snap Wall background stamp, and trimmed a few cameras from it.) I also added a sentiment from the Take Action stamp set, and the fun "remember" arrow from Remember Today. Some Deco Strips, a splattering of Silk, and a bit of Journey Glaze and sequins finished off this card, and I really like it! 
So now, if you haven't been over there yet, go see my girl Patricia! She created something with the other half of this print, and I can't wait for you to see it! 

Then, hop around to the rest of the teams, and see the prints they created, plus how they each used those prints! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Enjoy the rest of the swap stops, and don't forget to pin everyone's projects for inspiration later on! xoxo

Friday, November 10, 2017

Merry Poinsettia Pocket {Using Wrapping Paper on Handmade Cards - Part 3}

Hellllllo friends! Welcome to day THREE of wrapping paper crafting ideas!  If you missed day one, go there first - but then come back! There are some tips and techniques on how to tame a wild roll of wapping paper that you won't want to miss! 
Today's project features the coolest of the wrapping paper techniques, as well as a really fun die to play with. This sweet envelope die is called My Note, and it creates a darling little envelope, around 3x4 inches. After embellishing my envelope, I created a simple coordinating flat panel card to go inside. It's the perfect size for a gift card, or a mini card - or both!

But let's talk about the wrapping paper on today's project. It's REALLLLLY complicated, and takes a REALLY long time. Are you ready? (I'm totally kidding - it's SO simple.) For these super fun curls, I cut strips of wrapping paper about a half inch wide and then wrapped them around a wooden skewer. Bam. Done. Just wrap them, and then loosely unwrap them, and you have yourself some curly swirly strips to tuck onto a project. Play with different width strips, and with different items to twist around if you'd like! Depending on the paper you use, some things may work better than others. I started with a pencil, but I found the skewer gave me a curlier curl. ;)
Did you notice one other bit of wrapping paper tucked into this project? That strip on the inside card is an extra strip of paper that I cut. The perfect coordinating detail! Thanks so much for coming by today - I hope you enjoyed three days of wrapping paper! When you're hitting the wrapping paper clearance after Christmas this year....keep these projects in mind! You may just be inspired to start using some wrapping paper on YOUR projects now! (And if me up, I'd LOVE to see what you create!) xoxo

Products on today's project:

Did you love this post? Be sure to catch the other two parts of 
Using Wrapping Paper on Handmade Cards! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Merry Christmas Card {Using Wrapping Paper on Handmade Cards - Part 2}

Welcome to the second day of wrapping paper inspiration! If you missed yesterday's post, go there first - but then come back! There are some tips and techniques on how to tame a wild roll of wapping paper for your cards and crafted projects. (Go - quick...but don't forget to come back!) 

Okay - for today's project I used the wrapping paper with another die cutting project. But this one, really, really rocked. I love using the Create-A-Bow and Create-A-Bow Mini dies from Fun Stampers Journey. (This card features the MINI bow.) If you've ever used a bow die before, you know that it takes a bit of sweet talking to get your cardstock bending, but not folding - but if you create a bow with WRAPPING PAPER, it's so easy and so smooth because wrapping paper is BEGGING to gently roll, and it's thin and a little glossy so the whole process is just beautiful! (And it LOOKS beautiful too!)
I was thrilled with how lovely it was to create this bow. I paired the bow with a sweet Christmas sentiment (Holiday Wishes), some die cut leaves (Detailed Foliage) Mirror Gold cardstock and an embossed panel (Mystic Impressions), trimmed at an angle.

Stop back again tomorrow for one last wrapping paper project (it's the coolest of the three, so don't miss it!) Pin this project if you love it, and stop by the Fun Stampers Journey blog for the scoop on how you can get the Create A Bow dies, wrapping paper, plus so much more on SALE this month, during our Pockets and Lockets promotion!!!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Christmas Joy {Using Wrapping Paper on Handmade Cards - Part 1}

Hello friends! Raise your hand if you buy rolls and rolls of wrapping paper the week after Christmas, when it's 75% off at Target, even if you have a closet full of it?! Seriously - how can I NOT buy it, when it's so cheap they're practically GIVING it away. I always try to snag a few rolls of Christmas paper that doesn't look like Christmas paper - basic stripes or dots that could be Christmas, or could totally not be Christmas. Know what I mean? Because for 75% off....welll, you know. 

For the next few days I'm going to share some ideas how to bring your gift wrap into your paper crafting. I'll be using this super fabulous black and cream striped wrapping paper, which could be for Christmas...or could totally not be. ;) 

First, let's talk about how to tame a roll of wrapping paper for uses other than wrapping. Wrapping paper curls up on itself, and it will drive you crazy to just unroll it and attempt to create a card. To combat the curling, here's what I do:
  • Trim a decent size strip from the roll, and then fold it in half. (This just makes it more manageable.) The folded piece should be no larger than around 12x12, and able to fit under a big, flat heavy-ish thing which will smoosh the paper down (like that cool oversized coffee table book which is gathering dust, or a cookie sheet, or a scrapbook album.)  
  • Find a safe, flat place and leave the paper under the smooshing item overnight, or until it's flat. This part takes planning ahead - so do it today, and then you'll have some nice, flat paper to craft with tomorrow. 
  •  Once it's flat, trim the fold off, creating two pieces of paper.  I store my pieces in a bin with my 12x12 cardstock and printed papers, so it stays nice and flat, and it's ready whenever I want it. 

Next, it's time to decide what to do with your fun, flat pieces of wrapping paper! For today's card, I used a piece of this stripey goodness in my die cutting machine and made a cute tag to put on my card. Then I embellished it with some other die cuts, twine, and the awesome Vintage Tinsel. I just love the combination of black, cream, red, and kraft together - especially with a pop of silver. You'll see some more of this color combo over the next few days, so come on back for the next few days to see other ways I'm using wrapping paper on my handcrafted Christmas projects! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Did you love this idea?! Don't forget to pin it! Can't wait for more ideas? Check out another idea on the Fun Stampers Journey blog, for another great way to use this black and cream wrapping paper! 

Supplies used on today's project:

During November, Fun Stampers Journey is having a Pockets and Lockets promotion, and this wrapping paper plus so much more is on sale! Just in time for the holidays! Stop on over to see all the items, including our beautiful jewelry items, dies, and packaging goodies!